What to wear?

This is the question I get all the time! This is why I send you a style guide to help you out, but here's a blog that gives some tips also!! I want you to feel comfortable in what you are wearing!

Tips for your Styling your clients!

Be comfortable in your choices (keep it real).

Mix and match patterns, colors and textures! Pick a color palette and go from there!


Take into account the location (don’t wear high heels to play in the water.) Plan your style with your location.

Mix classic, timeless and trendy pieces!

Do coordinate colors with the location.


Be matchy matchy!

Don't wear something super tight, you will end up being uncomfortable!

Don’t buy everything from the same store, you don’t want to look like an old navy add.

No logos, words, characters on clothes (no cinderella or dinosaurs)!

No neons, or exceptionally bright and bold colors.

Small children and babies should be in appropriate fitting clothes. Nothing that bunches or bulges and blocks their face.

No bulky, boxy jackets, sweaters, pieces that consume the client.

No BOLD patterns/prints. (No neon yellow, blue green plaid, etc.) Nothing that distracts from the moment.

Here are some examples of clients who absolutely nailed their outfits for their family sessions! Of course all my clients look amazing, but these are some of my favorite outfits!