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Chloe S. + Fashion

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

So i am really trying to get into blogging all of my sessions and what better way to start off than with a fashion shoot with Chloe!! ♥ She killed this session from start to end.. she was incredible. We started off our very cloudy day at the Library on ernest st in Lake Charles. They had these incredible trees that had holly berries all over them! I had passed these trees several times and just knew i needed to do a moody fashion shoot there!! Chloe showed up matching exactly what i had envisioned for this shoot. Oh my goodness guys.. i was so excited!

Once we had gotten all of our shots there.. we made our way to Downtown Lake Charles!! Downtown has some of the best spots for the perfect moody grunge look that i love!! We immediately went to one of my favorite spots.. this spunky red building!! The wind was blowing like crazy so chloes' hair was flying everywhere and she kept trying to fix it. Finally, i told her to let the wind take her hair because those pictures are my favorite!! Her hair and the wind just connected yall.. and the result was pure magic!!! I am so excited about these images!

Then we decided it was time for an outfit change so we switched over into a sport look and made our way to a parking garage downtown. Chloe came out rocking a yellow and black long sleeve shirt, with some black skinnies, and vanns. She knew the way to my heart for sure lol. It started getting colder and colder outside so we got all the shots we could get before we ended up with frost bite. She was amazing to work with and i can not wait to work with her again soon!! Be on the lookout for more magic soon! ♥

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