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Cox Family + an amazing proposal! ♥

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

When Mr Jack first messaged me about wanting to get their family together for family pictures, i was so excited! This is the family of one of my best friends since junior high, so i was so excited to be able to capture their family pictures. But then Mr Jack messaged me about wanting to make their session a little bit more special.. he wanted to propose!! I was thrilleddddd, it is not very often you get to capture a proposal during a session!

We started off by just taking the routine pictures during one of the hottest days!!! We were all pouring in sweat by the end of it lol. They showed up in such bright colors that all coordinated so well together. Mr Jack and Mrs Brandi looked so excited to have all their kids and grand kids together for family pictures. Everyone was laughing and cutting up, it made for a fun session!!

After the family pictures were over it was time for the big surprise!! I told Mr Jack and Ms Brandi that I wanted to take some pictures of just them by the water because it was the perfect spot for couple pictures!! Ms Brandi seemed excited to get some one on one pictures with her man lol. While we were heading to the water I signaled to McKenzie to get the signs that they prepared for their dad to ask her to marry him. Once we got to the water I turned them facing the water and kept stalling and kept them facing the water the entire time until I saw that everyone was in position with the signs. I then got them to turn around and told them to stay in the same pose they were in... when they turned her face lit up!! And well you can see the rest through the pictures... btw she said yes!! ♥

Thank you all for allowing me to a part of a very special occasion and congrats again!!


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