• Alana Brown

Here comes Chucky!

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

In honor of the newest chucky movie coming out in June, i decided to feature the cutest chucky doll you will ever see!! My sweet little cousin Cooper. Every year for Halloween his parents like to push the limits and dress him up in crazy costumes.. (we love halloween in our family haha)! The first year, which was also his first birthday, he was dressed up as a zombie.. this shoot featured a brain smash cake with fake blood everywhere. When i posted this online i got a lot of support but i also got a lot of backlash. Most people said we were promoting cannibalism in a one year old LOL and then others were 100% on board since he was ONE and wouldn't remember it! This past halloween they decided to dress him up as Chucky or the Good Guy doll, whichever you prefer. He had so much fun dressing up as "Chuck Chuck" as he would call him and running around chasing us with fake knives. Enjoy some of these awesome shots we got of him.. he is such a natural in front of the camera!! I'm so glad that his parents allow me to capture these awesome moments!! ♥

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