• Alana Brown

Sara D - Sr Session @ Jungle Gardens

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

When Sara approached me about going to Jungle Gardens for her senior session i didn't even hesitate.. i think i screamed YES! I was so excited! Jungle gardens is one of the most beautiful places in Louisiana, its so peaceful and full of different types of nature. LOVEEEEEE. It's so perfect and when you mix in a gorgeous, spunky senior.. well it instantly becomes a photographers heaven!! Earlier that morning before we left it was raining outside, it was so nasty.. but we live in Lousiana so we gave it a few hours and then all of a sudden we had the most PERFECT weather!!! The sun was beaming down and it was a nice temperature. ♥ Ugh amazingggggg. Once we got there Emily (my amazing assistant for the day.. THANK YOU) and I went wondering around before Sara and her mom got there.. emily and I were both instantly in love with Jungle Gardens and couldn't wait to get started!! Finally the time had come for the session to begin! We started at the beginning of the track and would stop our vehicles like every two minutes because we would find something else even more beautiful than the last!! We shot for about two hours out there until we got an amazing golden hour!! Sara was such a trooper throughout the entire shoot and you can truly see her personality shine through her pictures! She was up for anything and wanted fun pictures as well!! ♥ Thanks again for an amazing session!

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