• Alana Brown

What to wear to your family sessions.

Family sessions can be very stressful getting everyone's outfits together and matching.. here are a few tip to help keep your session stress free!

{ photos will be posted for examples }


TIP #1

• Use a color palette { I prefer neutral tones }

TIP # 2

• AVOID stripes or busy patterns especially with multiple people in the images. Have one person in the solid color you were going for and then have everyone else with an accent of that color. Don't put everyone in the same colors or outfits.

TIP # 3

• Wear clothes you can move around in. Dont wear uncomfortable foot wear. Flowy dresses are always a go to! Tight fitting clothing normally makes someone very self-conscious. I want you to feel beautiful and comfortable in your body! ♥

I hope these three tips will help make your next family session a breeze. I also have mood boards with outfit inspiration for anyone who is stuck on what to wear!! Can't wait to photograph your beautiful family!

xo, Alana.

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